Five Resolutions on Computer Usage

These are from John Piper but I find them exceptionally helpful for me today:

  1. "I will strictly limit my experimental time in the computer and devote myself more to the truth than to technique."
  2.  "I will spend my constructive, creative energy not in the unreality of “virtual reality” but in the reality of the real world."
  3. "I will not replace the risk of personal relationships with impersonal electronic safety."
  4. "I will not cultivate a one-on-one relationship with a person of the opposite sex other than my spouse."
  5. "I will never open any program for sexual stimulation nor purchase or download anything pornographic."


In the world of Facebook, FarmVille, Twitter, and a myriad of other internet distractions and pits I find this post very helpful.  The astounding thing is that Piper wrote it 15 years ago.  How things never really change.  Don't waste your life on your computer!


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