You’re Writing A Book? What’s it About?

Several of you have asked me recently about my writing and what I’m doing with it. I should say that this gives me a moment to justify my lack of writing here on my personal site. I like to think of this, my personal website, as my “mind-dump” or public journal. I am the writer, publisher and editor. The only thing that holds me back is my conscience, my wife and my time spent elsewhere (which keeps me out of trouble with the former two). But not everything written is worth the ink that was spilled or the time it took to write and read it. That leads to the book. I’ve always wanted to write a book. I think that writing is gift of mine but also a skill that I can sharpen and develop. So I needed to test and develop my skills in this area. Back in August of last year I noticed an opportunity for writers to submit articles to an online publisher that shared some similar values and desires of my own. I wanted my writing to be thoughtful and helpful for making disciples and advancing the gospel. When I saw the open door for submissions I decided to think about some things I could write about and see where it went with them. I wrote an article, sent it in, and they published it. All that did was encourage me to write more. So I kept writing and they kept publishing.

On one my articles I received some helpful and gracious feedback from the editor regarding how the concept I was developing was practical. As I thought through the practicality issue and began to improve the article a similar thread began to develop in my mind. As quickly as I could I got out my Moleskine journal and began to chart out the framework for a book. I had a concept, I had a framework for unpacking the concept, now I needed someone to go along with me on it.

Again, the editors were helpful, but a bit reluctant to move forward. They were very gracious and told me, “show us what this looks like in an article.” So I attempted to shove the entire contents of my book into one fifteen-hundred word article as an attempt. They loved it, the lights came on and… they gave the green light for me to start writing on the book.

So, what is the book about? Well, I’ll let you read the concept article and then wait for the book to be finished, edited and published. As far as I know it will be exclusively an ebook at its launch, but if my mom buys enough copies (and if it is decent enough) it might see physical form. I’m grateful for both Ben’s encouragement and Brad’s editorial direction and the entire team at GCD Books for working with me. I’m also grateful to my friends who have been both sounding-boards and prayer partners with me in writing. If you have an opportunity to pray for me this week as I write I would be grateful.

If all goes as planned everPresent Gospel should be released sometime this summer.

The book is in the wild...


11 years ago I sat in Dryer 201 with my buddies Andy, Scott and Mark.  I don't know who exactly it was, Scott I think, but someone tossed out the idea of created a curriculum for teens that would take them through the essential doctrines of the Christian faith.  The four of us divided up the 9 larger sections of systematic theology and pledged to begin writing on it.  Then summer hit, we got distracted and that was that.  Until today.  Actually until 5 years ago.  

That idea never left me and as I entered ministry that idea became a need and that need had to be answered.  The teens I was ministering to needed to know what the Bible taught about God, salvation, sin, eternity, the church and all the other big players in the world of systematic theology.  So I sat down and wrote, and taught, and wrote, and taught.  Over the last 5 years the curriculum has been written, rewritten, edited, taught to over 50 teens, written again and formatted so it looks half-way decent.  What's so humbling to me is that a few churches asked to buy it from me to teach their teens.  

So the dream is realized.  I can say, humbly I have to say, that there is a curriculum for teenagers on the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.  And I can now get this project off my plate, and allow God to put other things there for His glory and the advancement of the gospel.

If you are interested in Passage and would like to know more about it, or even buy it you can contact me or go to my storefront.